Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro get four exciting new Google Photos features

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The Pixel 8 series just launched, and both devices bring 4 new Google Photos features. These new features are not only impressive, but they are also mind-blowing and help refine photos after the users take them. All features that this article will touch on are exclusive to the Pixel 8 series and will likely not make their way to other Pixel devices.

Google integrates the power of AI into these features to help them fix up various aspects of a photo. Also, videos aren’t left out, as one of these features is dedicated to videos and improving the audio quality of videos Pixel 8 series users take. With these new features, users can perfect, reimagine, reduce, and zoom in on certain aspects of their photos and videos.

It’s no longer news that with each new Pixel smartphone entry, Google tries to bring photography improvements. These improvements are seen not only while taking photos, but even after taking photos. Here are the 4 new Google Photos features that might make you consider getting the new Pixel 8 series.

All 4 new Google Photos features and how they help improve photos and videos

The first new feature on this list is the ability to perfect group photos on the Google Pixel 8 series. This employs a feature that Google calls Best Take and it helps fix your friends’ unaware faces in group photos. To do this, the Best Take feature uses similar photos taken close together and finds the best facial expression for everybody.

Users can then manually pick from the number of options the feature offers them. The selected facial expressions then replace the ones on the photo the user desires to change. Moving over to the next feature, this helps users to reimagine photos.

This feature employs the Magic Editor and can reposition various subjects in a photo to improve its looks. All a user needs to do is tap or circle the subject they want to move and drag it to the desired position. Lots of users will get to love this feature over time, and Google also plans to make it better as time goes by.

Another impressive Google Photos feature for Pixel 8 and Pro is the ability to reduce distracting sounds in videos. This is great when trying to isolate the main sounds in a video using the Audio Magic Eraser feature. Lastly, the new Zoom Enhance feature lets users employ generative AI to zoom in and crop what they want to be the main focus in the photo.

All these features will help users brush up on the quality of their photos even after the Pixel 8 series users take them. This paired up with the camera advancements on the new Pixel 8 series will produce much better photos for users. Those hoping to get the devices in this new Pixel series will be able to start placing orders in a few days.