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Pastor Leke Adeboye Lists Some Of The Love Language Of Nigerian Women

Pastor Leke Adeboye has made a list of the love language of Nigerian women and Africa as a whole and he actually hit the nail at the right point revealing almost everything.

Pastor Leke Adeboye though stood to be corrected, no lady can correct him because all he said were the truth and nothing more or less as he named exactly everything that most ladies cherish in this generation more than anything.

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According to him, the 5 love languages are getting an alert, getting expensive bags and shoes, ordering for food that you won’t pay for, messages of being left alone in peace, and also receiving alarms which have to do with 5M and above.

Pastor Leke Adeboye didn’t forget about the fact that ladies always want the latest phones even if they don’t know how it works, and will always ask others to stop arguing with them when they are trying to make a point as they are the only ones allowed to speak at that moment.

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All Pastor Leke Adeboye said is true about women, therefore, took the chance to advise that women should just say sorry and admit they are wrong even though some trues to blame the other party and expecting him to admit a wrong he never did.

Forgot to add number 6. Lastest fones, even if I don’t know how to work it. Wink wink.
7. Stop arguing with us, when we are trying to get our points across. We are the only ones allowed to speak. Your points don’t count. Just say sorry and admit you are wrong always

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