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Pakistan: Bus blast that killed 13 Chinese men not an accident as originally claimed, but a jihad suicide bombing

Imran Khan’s pro-China stance may be on a collision course with his support for jihad.

“Pakistan bus blast that left 9 Chinese nationals dead was work of suicide bomber, editor says,” by Tom Hussain, South China Morning Post, July 16, 2021:

A suicide bomber driving a vehicle packed with explosives was responsible for Wednesday’s attack in northern Pakistan that caused the deaths of nine Chinese dam workers, according to a top newspaper editor in Islamabad.

The details reported by Fahd Husain – resident editor of Pakistan’s top English-language newspaper, Dawn – came as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan discussed via phone the incident that left a total of 13 people dead.

In the readout of the call, Khan was quoted as expressing his condolences to Beijing on “the recent terrorist attacks”.

Pakistani officials had earlier described the incident as being caused by a gas leak or a vehicle failure – with at least one Chinese expert expressing the latter view to Beijing-backed tabloid Global Times – although the country’s information minister in a Thursday tweet said “confirmed traces of explosives” had been found.

In Husain’s column, published on Friday, he wrote that two buses carrying Chinese engineers, surveyors and technicians to the construction site at the Dasu hydropower project were intercepted by the suicide bomber as soon as they left their residential camp at the nearby town of Barseen.

“As this convoy came onto the road that was open to traffic, another car manoeuvred itself between the convoy. This vehicle was laden with explosives,” Husain wrote.

“The driver then rammed the car into the first bus and there was an explosion. However, the detonator malfunctioned and the explosives did not go off with full force. The driver of the second bus, on seeing the bus in front of him hit, tried to swerve but lost control and the bus plunged into the ravine, killing most people on board.”…

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