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Over 1,000 Patients & Relatives Transferred from Ukraine to Norwegian Hospitals

doctor in a dospital medical centre

More than 1,000 patients and relatives from Ukraine have been transported to Norway for medical treatment in the country.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, February 28, the Minister of Health and Care Ingvild Kjerkol said that his country is trying to secure the transport of patients by air ambulance to hospitals in Norway and Europe, reports.

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, patients and relatives are transported from a medical center in Poland for treatment in hospitals in Europe. It revealed that in cooperation with the EU Civil Preparedness Scheme (UCPM), about 300 patients and relatives have been transported to Norway and over 700 patients and relatives to other countries.

“Ever since the war broke out, Norway has been a central contributor to the EU’s scheme for civil preparedness, including the medevac scheme. We must stand together to support the Ukrainian people. Support for Ukraine is essential for the Ukrainians, and investment in Norway’s and Europe’s security,” Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt pointed out in this regard.

In addition, Kjerkol also said that so far, over 200 patients and about 100 relatives have arrived in Norway.

Air ambulance transport in Norway is possible because the Norwegian Armed Forces have a contingency agreement with the SAS. Thus, in cooperation with regional health organizations, the Norwegian Armed Forces, they provide medical personnel who care for patients during flights.

As Kjekol explains, Norway is one of the countries that has received the highest number of patients from Ukraine. Norwegian hospitals also offer high-quality professional healthcare.

At the same time, medical assessments and the capacity of the specialized health service determine which and how many patients Norway can accept. The latter has also donated medicines and medical equipment to Ukraine. Among other things, it has developed five specially built and highly advanced ambulance buses, and provided 12 ambulances.

These ambulances are already in demand in Ukraine and are an important and flexible tool for the Ukrainian health service. Norway has made a significant contribution with medical experts as emissaries to the European Commission to help coordinate ambulance flights.

Moreover, several other types of equipment have been donated by Norway through the EU’s civil preparedness scheme. Meanwhile, the equipment has also been sent to repair and rehabilitate the electricity supply that systematic Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine have destroyed.