OPPO Find X7 Pro will use Sony's new LYTIA camera sensor

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The OPPO Find X7 Pro is the company’s upcoming flagship, and it will seemingly use Sony’s new LYTIA camera sensor. This information comes from Digital Chat Station, a well-known tipster.

The OPPO Find X7 Pro will use Sony’s new LYTIA camera sensor, as will flagships from Xiaomi & Vivo

The camera sensor in question is called the Sony LYT-900, while the ‘LYT’ stands for ‘LYTIA’. This camera sensor will introduce a new DCG (Dual Conversion Gain) technology. That’s the “stacked design” tech that you’ve probably heard about lately.

This tech seemingly allowed Sony to offer the same level of image quality as 1-inch camera sensors can provide, but with a smaller footprint. The OnePlus Open, for example, has a stacked sensor, though a different one. The results are really, really good.

Now, according to Digital Chat Station, the OPPO Find X7 Pro will be the first to use this camera sensor. That is a bit odd, we’ll talk about that soon. In addition to the Find X7 Pro, however, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is also expected to utilize it, and the Vivo X100 Pro+ as well.

We’ve already reported about the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, while the Vivo X100 Pro+ news is fresh. So, the trio of truly powerful flagships from China will use this camera sensor, which is saying a lot.

OPPO’s flagship will also get Hasselblad’s expertise and color science benefits

They will, of course, differentiate in other ways, and the companies have plenty of ways to boost the performance of that sensor. Some may use variable apertures, others software features. The OPPO Find X7 Pro will have the benefit of Hasselblad’s expertise and color science. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra will include Leica lenses and expertise, while ZEISS’ optics will be included in the Vivo X100 Pro+.

All three smartphones are expected to provide great results in terms of photos, as did their predecessors. The OPPO Find X7 Pro is tipped to feature this camera sensor according to the tipster, and yet the Vivo X100 Pro+ will launch first. That doesn’t really make sense, but we’ll see what happens.

As a reminder, the Vivo X100 series is coming on November 13, in 10 days. Three smartphones are expected, including the Vivo X100 Pro+.