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Open Grazing Outdated Form Of Cattle Rearing – Senator Fadahunsi Supports Southern Govs

The senator of Osun East Senatorial District, Francis Adenigba Fadahunsi, has called open grazing as an outmoded way of keeping cattle.

The senator was engaged in an interactive session on a radio current affairs programme in Osogbo on Friday monitored by Daily Post.

He said: “the governors are virtually helpless. If it is federalism we are practising, the state will be powerful, the local governments and community system would work and every tribe will mix freely together.

“The agitation should be for true federalism to defeat the centralised system. If it is addressed, then restructuring would fall into place. Leaders would need to meet and fashion out a new constitution.

“The National Assembly should take it upon itself to remove all those clauses that has been causing disaffection among Nigerians especially revenue allocation.

“Forget about what individuals say. It is the leaders and the National Assembly that would come out to fine tune this restructuring that we are all talking about. We need to meet at a point to discuss these issues; the northern and southern governors, political leaders, House of Representatives members and Senators.

“If it is restructuring, it is the same group that will have to fine tune this restructuring.”

“The Senate President does not want Nigeria to divide under his tenure, but there must be a way of removing all those clauses that would not allow Nigeria to remain an entity.

“Everyone of us want one Nigeria but there must be ingredients of true federalism and each state must benefit.

“There is a lot to remove from this present constitution or even thrown out and that is what the National Assembly is currently doing through the Senator Obie Omo-Agege committee.

“Unity must be obtained at a cost; we must seat down as Nigerians and ask ourselves what we really want so that we can add in the constitution.”



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