OnePlus 12 teardown shows us the phone's large vapor chamber

During the OnePlus 12 launch, the company talked about the phone’s vapor chamber. Well, now we get to see it. The OnePlus 12 teardown appeared online, and it shows us that vapor chamber in the flesh.

The OnePlus 12 teardown shows us a large vapor chamber for heat dissipation

The teardown appeared on YouTube, as it was conducted by the WekiHome YouTube channel. The video itself has a duration of around 13 minutes, and it’s embedded below the article.

Before the teardown begins, we get to see the phone up close and personal. That should give you a better idea of what we’re dealing with than the images OnePlus shared. We not only get to see the phone’s refreshed backplate, but also its display in action, and those thin bezels on the front. The device even gets compared to the OnePlus 11 briefly.

The teardown starts by removing the SIM card tray, which is a standard procedure. Then the back glass gets removed, followed by the motherboard and the rest of the components that are hidden behind a three-piece plastic cover.

The motherboard has a dual-stacked design with a special copper foil

You will notice that the motherboard has a dual-stacked design with a special copper foil. That foil helps with the heat dissipation around the chipset. That’s not all, though, not even close.

A rather large vapor chamber sits at the heart of this smartphone, below the phone’s display. That chamber will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to heat dissipation, and is a great move by OnePlus.

This YouTube channel also gives us a really nice look at the rubber gaskets that protect the phone from water damage. As a reminder, the OnePlus 12 does have a better IP rating than its predecessor. The OnePlus 11 launched with an IP64 rating, while the OnePlus 12 comes with an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance.

The OnePlus 12 launched in China a couple of days ago. The phone will launch globally next month, most likely on January 23.