OnePlus 12 & OPPO Find X7 Pro main camera sensors confirmed

The OnePlus 12 and OPPO Find X7 Pro main camera sensors have just been confirmed. Contrary to what most of you may expect, the two devices won’t utilize the same main camera, it seems.

The OnePlus 12 & OPPO Find X7 Pro main camera sensors have been confirmed

OnePlus and OPPO are sister companies and they share a lot of tech. The OnePlus Open and OPPO Find N3 are basically the same phones, hardware-wise. Many people expected the OnePlus 12 and OPPO Find X7 Pro to utilize the same main camera sensor, but that won’t be the case.

As a recent report said, the OnePlus 12 will have the same main camera sensor as the OnePlus Open. We’re looking at a Sony LYT-808 sensor. LYT stands for LYTIA, in case you’re not aware. That camera sensor proved to be quite capable.

Still, more people would probably prefer the queen jewel from Sony’s new LYTIA lineup, the LYT-900. That camera sensor will be included inside the OPPO Find X7 Pro, as was confirmed, and relayed by a tipster, Abhishek Yadav.

OnePlus will use a camera sensor that is technically inferior, but proven

Why is OnePlus not utilizing the Sony LYT-900? Well, based on a recent report, because it wants to provide a finished camera product out of the box. OnePlus seemingly won’t have time to properly optimize everything for the Sony LYT-900, so… they opted to go with what they know best.

The OnePlus 12 is also coming before the OPPO Find X7 Pro, if both companies end up sticking to their release cycle. The OnePlus 12 is expected either in December, or January. The OPPO Find X7 Pro, on the other hand, will likely arrive towards the end of Q1 2024.

Both of those smartphones will utilize the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, and have top-of-the-line specs all around. We’re expecting extremely sharp LTPO OLED displays with a 120Hz refresh rate. They will be quite bright too, as they’ll use BOE’s new Q1 panel.

Extremely fast wired and wireless charging will also be included, along with Hasselblad’s camera expertise.