One school is now using AI bot as its 'principal headteacher'

As the usage of AI expands, Cottesmore School is now relying on an AI bot to fill the role of principal headteacher. According to the headmaster of the school, this AI bot is proving to be helpful in its role of service. This might sound quite bizarre and scary, as an AI entity is filling the role of a human in an educational environment.

Some questions might already be running through your mind as you consider the possibility of this AI serving as the school’s principal headteacher. One is that such questions in your head might relate to the exact function of this AI bot. Well, the school’s spokesperson says that it helps with “leadership and structure thoughts.”

This AI bot will interact with teachers at Cottesmore School, helping them better understand students. In another statement, the spokesperson says that this bot will also allow teachers to “spend more time with the students.” But how exactly can this AI bot perform all these tasks, and is it the perfect replacement for a human principal headteacher?

AI might be taking over as Cottesmore School in the UK now has an AI principal headteacher

Cottesmore School in the UK has announced that they will now be making use of an AI principal headteacher. With this AI principal headteacher, the school aims to help teachers better understand the needs of each student. By doing this, the school’s teachers can pass information to each student in ways that they can better understand based on their learning traits.

Before this AI bot was put to use, there were some changes that the school had to make. These changes took away the AI bot’s human-like persona as well as its name. Previously, the AI bot was known as Abigail Bailey, but the school changed its name to ABI, which might be easier to pronounce.

By taking its human-like persona, the AI bot lost its ability to respond to questions with a moving mouth and facial gestures. Now it can only advise teachers of this institution on ways to reach every student, considering their individual needs. This is the first AI bot that the school is employing to assist in the teaching process to help better reach students individually.

Reports have it that the school is also developing other AI models that will help in the creation of educational materials. Just like the ABI model, this coming AI bot will perform similarly to ChatGPT and might be only accessible to teachers and instructors. For a school like Cottesmore where parents pay $35,000 per year, this level of teaching technology might not be a reach for them.