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One Piece season 2 renewal: How long could we wait?

One Piece season 1Based on a lot of early viewership data, we have every reason in the world to think that a One Piece season 2 renewal is going to be coming. This is a true international hit for Netflix, not that this should surprise anyone when you consider the mass appeal of both the original manga as well as the anime.

Story-wise, we know that the season 1 finale set the stage for more — consider that big ending we saw with who looks to be Smoker! There are so many stories still to explore, and it really comes down to when Netflix wants to issue the green light. We know that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are still ongoing, and there is of course a chance that another season will not be announced until writers and actors are paid what they deserve. Yet, technically the streaming service does not have to wait until then; they could choose to renew One Piece for more at any given time.

Do we think that they will do this at some point this fall? Sure, but it is hard to pin down a specific time in which they will do it. The most important thing for them may be finding a way to make the biggest splash possible around a new season, given that this could be one of the last big show-related announcements that they could make for a while. After all, filming will likely not begin for a good while until the strikes are over!

When could a season 2 then premiere? 2025 is the best estimate, mostly because even when filming happens and is done, this is an expensive show that takes a while to get together in post-production. There is a lot of artistry that we would expect over the course of these episodes; you don’t want to hurry it along.

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