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Olamide Adedeji Breaks Silence On Why He Started Producing His Own Songs


He made this revelation when he was in an interview with Prime News. Olamide attributed his reasons for becoming a producer to his inability to express his feelings to others. Olamide made mention of the fact that he is able to record his ideas and put down a sketch for his friends. He does this for his friends to coach and advise him, but he didn’t have the luxury of living a producers life. He recounted how his manager gave off his best in making him successful.


When quizzed about the techniques he used to produce his song dubbed ‘2021 body of work’, Olamide linked it with his manager having experience being a choirmaster. To him, his manager plans the technique of every instrument to be used when producing his songs.

In an interview he said:

“‘UY Scuti‘ album was my major [foray] into Logic. I started production because sometimes I don’t know how to explain to everyone, apart from a few people, how I’m feeling,” Olamide said.

“But most times, I’m not always at home. I’m out on the road and don’t have the luxury of doing the producer’s life.

“So I have to always make sure I record my ideas and tell my guys to teach me one or two things. I’ll make something tiny and skeletal, just put down the idea.”

He added;

“My producer (P.Priime) has a church background.

“He’s also a choirmaster and plays almost every instrument, from piano to bass, guitar to trumpet—you name it. In most cases, I don’t know the right words for all the things in my head. I have good ears for music.

“I didn’t join a music school. I didn’t join the choir. I know nothing about that. I’m just a street dude that fell in love with music, so all I do, when I sit down, is trying to explain that. This is how I’m feeling. This is what I want to hear.”


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