Official OnePlus 12 camera samples are now available

OnePlus 12 official lifestyle image 1 jpg.webp

A lot of OnePlus 12 information is already available. The company kicked off its marketing campaign a couple of days ago, and as part of it confirmed a ton of details already, including the phone’s design. Well, now the company shared the OnePlus 12 camera samples.

Official OnePlus 12 camera samples are here, from all three rear-facing cameras

These camera samples have been shared by OnePlus China President, Li Jie Louis. He shared them via Weibo, and these samples include images taken with the main camera, ultrawide camera, and periscope telephoto camera. So, basically all three rear cameras.

Before we get to it, do note that the camera details have been confirmed already. The trio on the back is led by the Sony LYT-808 camera sensor, Sony’s new LYTIA camera. This smartphone will have the same rear cameras as the OnePlus Open, basically.

Li Jie Louis highlighted the company’s ‘Super Light and Shadow Image Engine’ algorithm, which will help the images from this sensor look great. He also highlighted Hasselblad’s ‘natural colors’.

The main camera shines the most, but the samples look great overall

Now, you will find three galleries below. Each of the galleries shows camera samples from one of the cameras below the article. Do note that these images are here to highlight the very best of these cameras, to show them in their best light, of course. With that in mind, they do look great. One thing to note, though, is that the images in the galleries have been compressed. You can check them out in their original quality/size by clicking here.

Main camera samples:

Ultrawide camera samples:

Periscope telephoto camera samples:

The colors really pop, especially when it comes to the main camera. They’re not oversaturated, but simply highlighted very well. We’re used to seeing that style from OPPO and OnePlus smartphones thus far. The dynamic range is also very good.

The ultrawide camera samples also look very good, but the main camera is obviously capable of doing a better job. The dynamic range is better, and so are the colors.

If you check out the periscope telephoto camera samples, you’ll see that the OnePlus 12 will be capable of capturing some really nice shots. That is not surprising following our experience with the OnePlus 12.

The phone is coming on December 5

The OnePlus 12 will launch on December 5 in China. Its global launch is coming in January, most likely on January 23.