Nvidia's CEO paints a scary picture of AI in just 5 years

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When you think of AI technology in the near future, how do you feel? Optimistic? Worried about your job? Frightened for the human race? Either emotion is valid, as AI technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, thinks that, in just five years, AI technology will be pretty much on level with human beings.

Right now, even though generative AI has been in the mainstream for about a year, we’re all still pondering and pontificating about the future of AI and of the human race. Generative AI is fire, and we’re the cavemen about to learn its constructive and destructive potential. So, at this point, the jury is out on whether we should continue AI development. However, the genie is out of the bottle; mankind is going full-throttle with AI development.

AI could catch up to humans in five years, according to Jensen Huang

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang spoke during the New York Times’ DealBook summit. During the interview, he spoke briefly about the drama that went down with OpenAI. However, the bulk of what he spoke about was the future of AI technology. Right now, companies are working on pushing the technology to the level of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

In order for an AI to be considered AGI, it will need to pass certain human intelligence tests to prove that it’s on par with a human brain. Well, Huang said during the summit that “within the next five years, you’re going to see, obviously, AIs that can achieve those tests.” When that happens, we’ll have our first AGI.

The future is still uncertain

Obviously, unless he has a crystal ball at Nvidia headquarters, we can’t take what he said as absolute fact. We don’t know what the future holds for AI technology. However, AI as smart as a human doesn’t seem to be out of the cards. In just a year, we’ve seen a massive jump in what AI can do. The chips that companies are training their AIs on are getting major boosts in power.

Just recently, Amazon announced its new Trainium2 chips that quadruple the processing power of its predecessors. Google’s Tensor G3 chip has foundation models embedded into it. Chips are getting better. Not only that, but we’re seeing a new generation of chips built around AI technology.

Speaking of chips in the AI space, Nvidia is one of the leaders. It’s the go-to company for GPUs to train models. According to the report, the company reported a net income of $680 million in Q3 2022. In Q3 2023, the company reported a staggering $9.24 billion! That’s more than 13-fold. Undoubtedly, the momentum that AI technology has gained won’t be slowing down any time soon.