NPower Payment Updates for November 6, 2023

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NPower Payment Updates for November 6, 2023: Relief and Renewed Hope

The Nigerian Federal Government has ushered in great news for N-Power beneficiaries as they prepare to address the long-overdue payments that have accumulated over the past nine months. Akindele Egbuwalo, the national program manager of N-Power, recently shared this exciting development during a gathering in Abuja. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of these updates, the implications of the name change to the “Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme” (RHJCP), and address frequently asked questions. Additionally, we will touch upon the government’s denial of false claims related to the N-Power portal. So, let’s get started!

N-Power Payment Updates:

The heartening news for N-Power beneficiaries is that the Federal Government is set to kickstart the disbursement of long-awaited payments from November 2023, specifically addressing the accumulated nine-month backlog. This decision comes after a brief suspension of the program to facilitate a comprehensive audit and overhaul, leading to the successful retrieval of funds from payment service providers.

National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA), through Jamaluddeen Kabir, the national communication manager, confirmed the government’s steadfast commitment to resolving the backlog issue. It is indeed a positive stride towards ensuring that beneficiaries receive the support they rightfully deserve.

Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP):

One significant aspect of this update is the rebranding of the N-Power program to the “Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme” (RHJCP). This transformation aligns with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s new vision for the country and the government’s goal to expand and enrich the program. Under the guidance of the Honourable Minister, Dr. Betta Edu, the RHJCP aspires to reach 5 million beneficiaries over the next five years, encompassing both graduates and non-graduates.

N-Power beneficiaries have been eagerly awaiting news like this, and this rebranding signifies renewed hope and progress for them. Many beneficiaries have faced frustration due to the lack of information, making this announcement a sigh of relief and optimism.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What’s the central highlight of the N-Power Payment News for November 5, 2023? The primary focus of the latest N-Power Payment News is the Federal Government’s commitment to address the overdue payments to N-Power beneficiaries, starting in November 2023.
  2. What caused the delay in disbursing N-Power stipends? The delay resulted from the temporary suspension of the N-Power program to conduct a comprehensive restructuring and forensic audit, leading to the recovery of funds from payment service providers.
  3. What is the new name for the N-Power program? The N-Power program has been rebranded as the “Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme” (RHJCP) as part of a broader government initiative.
  4. How does the government plan to execute the RHJCP program? The RHJCP aims to reach 5 million beneficiaries over the next five years, absorbing 1 million youths annually, including graduates and non-graduates.
  5. How did N-Power beneficiaries react to this announcement? N-Power beneficiaries expressed relief and optimism, appreciating the government’s transparent communication and empathy towards their circumstances.
  6. When can N-Power beneficiaries expect the disbursement of pending payments? Payments are scheduled to commence in November 2023 and will be distributed in phased installments for a smooth process.
  7. Will any N-Power beneficiaries be excluded from receiving their outstanding stipends? The government is committed to inclusivity within the renewed hope agenda and assures that no beneficiary will be overlooked.
  8. Is there a specific reason behind the program’s renaming? The renaming aligns with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s new agenda and underscores the government’s commitment to expanding and enhancing the program.
  9. Where can N-Power beneficiaries find official sources or websites for updates? For official updates and information, beneficiaries should refer to the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA) or pertinent government websites dedicated to social investment programs.
  10. What should N-Power beneficiaries do while waiting for their payments? Beneficiaries are encouraged to exercise patience and maintain composure as the government is determined to resolve the backlog and improve the program for their benefit.

Federal Government Denies False Claims:

In a recent development, the Federal Government has officially debunked claims about the opening of a portal for the N-Power program. Dr. Akindele Egbuwalo, the National Programme Manager of N-Power, has urged Nigerians to disregard these rumors circulating on social media. The government will announce details of the program through its official channels soon. It’s crucial to rely on official sources for accurate and timely information.


The N-Power Payment Updates for November 6, 2023, bring hope and anticipation for beneficiaries who have long awaited their payments. The rebranding of the program to RHJCP reflects the government’s commitment to creating more opportunities for Nigerian youth. As we await further details, staying informed through official sources is essential. The government’s dedication to resolving the backlog issue and improving the program is indeed a positive stride forward. Let’s embrace this renewed hope and look forward to a brighter future for N-Power beneficiaries.