NPower Payment Update Today 11th December 2023

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Latest Update: NPower Beneficiaries to Receive Nine Months Arrears Soon 

In a recent update, the Federal Government, through the National Social Investment Programmes (NASIMS), has committed to initiating payments for the nine months’ arrears owed to N-Power beneficiaries. The payment will follow the completion of the ongoing restructuring phase led by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, headed by Betta Edu.

Beneficiaries, primarily from Batches B and C under the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), have been advocating for the settlement of their unpaid stipends. The N-Power scheme, which deployed individuals to various sectors such as education (N-Teach), healthcare (N-Health), and agriculture (N-Agro), offered a monthly stipend of N30,000.

The restructuring aims to address concerns directly impacting beneficiaries, with NASIMS assuring that the process will clear the backlog of nine months’ stipends. The program’s temporary suspension facilitated the recovery of funds from existing payment service providers.

Minister Betta Edu emphasized the ongoing efforts to rectify backlog glitches related to the N-Power scheme, highlighting the commitment to transparently address concerns. The Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme, supervised by the humanitarian minister, is set to continue the N-Power initiative.

As NASIMS works diligently to conclude the restructuring and repositioning, beneficiaries are urged to stay informed through official channels, particularly NASIMS’ active social media platforms. The development marks a significant step towards alleviating financial challenges faced by N-Power beneficiaries, fostering renewed hope in job creation initiatives.

FAQs – NASIMS News On Payment Today 12/10/2023

Q1: What is the latest update from NASIMS regarding N-Power arrears?
A1: The Federal Government, through NASIMS, has confirmed its commitment to paying nine months’ arrears to N-Power beneficiaries upon the completion of the ongoing restructuring.

Q2: Which batches of N-Power beneficiaries are affected by the arrears issue?
A2: Batches B and C beneficiaries, associated with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), are advocating for the settlement of their unpaid stipends.

Q3: What sectors were N-Power beneficiaries deployed to?
A3: Beneficiaries were deployed to various sectors, including education (N-Teach), healthcare (N-Health), and agriculture (N-Agro), with a monthly stipend of N30,000.

Q4: Why was the N-Power program temporarily suspended?
A4: The temporary suspension was initiated for thorough restructuring and a forensic audit to address matters directly affecting beneficiaries.

Q5: Who is leading the restructuring efforts?
A5: The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, headed by Betta Edu, is spearheading the restructuring phase.

Q6: What is the status of backlog glitches related to the N-Power scheme?
A6: Minister Betta Edu assures that backlog glitches are being cleared as part of the ongoing efforts to address concerns transparently.

Q7: Will the N-Power program continue after the restructuring?
A7: Yes, the N-Power program will continue as the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme under the supervision of the humanitarian minister.

Q8: Where can beneficiaries get the latest information on the payment process?
A8: Beneficiaries are advised to monitor NASIMS’ active social media platforms for the latest updates and official announcements.

NPower Beneficiaries Unveil Nationwide Protest Amidst Delays in Payment

In a recent development within Nigeria’s National Social Investment Programmes (NSIPA), CEO Mrs. Halima Shehu has conducted a thorough inspection of the NSIPA Warehouses and Skills Acquisition Center, hinting at upcoming initiatives. However, the spotlight remains on the prolonged delay in the payment of the N-Power programme’s nine-month outstanding backlog.

Acknowledging system glitches, the Minister assures corrective measures are underway, committing to the commencement of payments soon. For detailed insights, the Minister’s statement on the N-Power Backlog Payment offers additional information.

Amidst growing dissatisfaction, the National Association of N-Power Beneficiaries (NANB) for Batches A, B, and C has announced a nationwide protest set for December 13, 2023. The peaceful demonstration is scheduled at the National Assembly and state assemblies across the country, emphasizing the beneficiaries’ commitment to voicing their concerns until the owed nine-month stipends are paid.