“Not everyone you vibe with is your friend” – Simi opens up on true meaning of friendship


Popular Simi, a Nigerian singer, has shared wise words about the meaning of true friendship and the importance of setting boundaries in relationships.

The artist urged her followers to be cautious about labeling everyone as a friend and emphasized the need to guard one’s personal space.

Simi emphasised that casual interactions and the occasional positive vibes do not automatically qualify someone for the title of best friend.

The singer emphasised the importance of being picky about who enters one’s inner circle, saying that making someone smile should not grant unrestricted access to one’s heart and spirit.

The singer addressed the common misconception that if one invests more in a relationship than the other person, this does not necessarily imply that the other person is a bad friend or dislikes the other person.

Differences in perception and understanding, according to Simi, could be at work.

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Simi advised her followers to prioritise relationships in which their emotions and efforts are reciprocated.

Simi concluded her message on a positive note, wishing her fans a wonderful day and emphasising the importance of mutual respect and understanding in friendships.

See the following;

“Y’all just be calling ANYBODY your friend and then act surprised when they act like your enemy

“You can be cool or vibe with someone every once in a while, but that def does not mean you’re now besties. Protect your space and stop giving every single person that made you smile once access to your heart and spirit.

“And this might be hard to hear (read) – but sometimes when you’re riding hard for someone that is not doing the same for you, it’s not always because they don’t like you or that they’re “bad friends” they probably just never really saw you the same way. you saw then.

“That. Is. Okay.

“Nobody’s life revolves around you except your own. Choose the people that choose you too.

“If you’re confused, communicate.

“Now stand up from your pity party and have a great day today”