NLC commiserates with Algerian workers over wildfire

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has commiserated with the leadership of the General Union of Algeria Workers (UGTA), Algerian workers and the Algerian Government over the recent wildfire incidence in Tizi Ouzou and environ.

In a letter by the president, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, NLC said it is unfortunate that the wildfire incident killed a number of people and consumed thousands of hectares of olive groves and coniferous trees.

“We deeply regret the terrible dislocation this mishap has caused for jobs, incomes, livelihoods and emotional health of many Algerians especially workers, the poor and other vulnerable citizens.

“This tragedy notwithstanding, it is heartwarming that the Government of Algeria has continued to maintain its principled stand on supporting the cause of the Saharawi people – the last colonial outpost in Africa. It is unfortunate that the commitment of the Algerian government to helping the people of Saharawi Republic gain their full independence has led to disruptions in your government’s ties with Morocco, we assure you that the Algerian government and people enjoy the renewed solidarity of the entire continent for standing for justice.”

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