Nkechi Blessing Slams Those Who Anticipate Break Up In People’s Relationships; Quizzes “How Do You Sleep At Night?”

Popular Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has taken to social media to handle people who always expect people in happy relationships to hit the rock.

Taking to her Instagram story, she addressed the culture of people coming through couple’s social media posts to leave negative comments.

In recent times, once someone makes his or her relationship public on social media people start making comments like “leave them they will soon break up” and another negative statement.

Well, Nkechi Blessing has tackled such people as she labeled them as witches and wizards saying those who call for people’s downfall are evil.

According to him the bitterness in some people’s hearts is the prime reason they’re not making progress in life.

She wrote, “Witches and wizards wey full Instagram, you see people happy in a relationship and the next evil thing that comes to your mind is **leave them they will soon break up. How do you even sleep at night? Na why most of una no dey ever move forward in life… stagnant piece of shit!!!”

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