Nintendo Switch software support will continue into 2024

Nintendo Switch OLED 1

The Nintendo Switch will continue getting software support next year, and this will last for the next two years. Details on this information were shared by Shuntaro Furukawa, the Nintendo president, in a recent interview. He makes it clear to fans as well as the gaming community that the Switch console will live for another two years.

Already this gaming console is in its sixth year of existence and it’ll still get games and software updates for the next two years. Nintendo intends to keep the Switch as its main focus throughout the coming year. After this, the gaming console manufacturer might shift its attention to a new gaming console for its fans around the world.

Owners of the Switch can rest assured that their console will still get games for the next two years. Additionally, the Switch will still get software updates up until 2025. In the meantime, Nintendo has a lot in store for gamers. Here are some of the things to expect from Nintendo in the coming months.

Nintendo Switch still has a lot coming its way from software upgrades to new games

In addition to details about the Switch software support, Furukawa gave fans an expo of what to expect in the coming months. This expo involves the fate of the Switch, coming software improvements, and game releases. Already this article has touched on the fact that the Switch will keep getting games and software updates for the next two years.

Now, fans might be wondering what games they should be expecting to arrive. For this year, Nintendo plans to release two new titles for users around the world. These new games will be the Super Mario Bros Wonder and the Super Mario RPG Remake.

Both games will be available for playing on the Switch by the end of this year. As users step into 2024 they can start anticipating the release of the Princess Peach: Showtime game entry. Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD will also grace the Switch towards the second half of next year.

Most Nintendo fans will already be aware that the expansion pass for the game Side Order, Wave Two of the Splatoon 3 will be coming next year. With over three games coming to the Switch next year, it’s safe to say that Nintendo isn’t done with it yet. There will also be a few entries for 2025 as well as some software improvements that will be coming to the Switch platform.

By the end of 2025, Nintendo might be ready to announce a Switch successor. Until then, Switch users can rest assured that the console is still a big focus for Nintendo. More information on what’s coming to the Switch platform will be available in the coming months.