Nigerians residing abroad have been advised to avoid supporting secessionist organizations by the minister of communication and culture, Lai Mohammed.

The Minister, who made the remarks during a visit by a delegation from the UK chapter of the Nigerian in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO), implored members of the group to sweep the carpet from under the feet of secessionists, insurgents, and anarchists who spare no chances on spreading false narratives to paint Nigeria in a bad manner.

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Lai Mohammed also urged members of the group to support the efforts of the government rather than spreading false narratives and “false” claims of religious persecution, political marginalization, and human rights violations.

He said;

“It is alarming and disappointing that some Nigerians in Diaspora still rely on platforms that peddle fake news and misinformation about Nigeria. 

“I, therefore, want to use this opportunity to appeal to NIDO to seize the initiative from those who are bent on painting Nigeria bad in the comity of nations.

“As an organised and well-connected group, I implore NIDO to leverage its contacts in government circles, parliamentary groups and global think tanks in world capitals to help change the narrative.

“I also urge them to sweep the carpet off the feet of secessionist groups, insurgents and anarchists who are bent on pushing false narratives to portray Nigeria in a bad light.

“I have no doubt that you will take this call seriously and do everything in your power to change the narrative for the better.”