Nigerian man killed in test on bullet-proof charm

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A 43-year-old man has been shot dead in Nigeria’s Bauchi state while testing a bullet-proof charm, according to police spokesman Ahmed Wakil.

The traditional healer who fired the shot with a locally made gun has been arrested, along with two others, while additional suspects remain at large.

The victim has been identified as Muhammadu Ali, a villager from the area. Police responded swiftly upon learning of the incident and rushed Mr. Ali to the hospital, but he was declared dead upon arrival.

Supt Wakil cautioned the public against becoming unwitting participants in such dangerous experiments. Investigations are ongoing, and the suspects will face charges in court once the process is completed.

Bullet-proof charms with alleged magical properties are commonly used in Nigeria, with many people seeking assistance from traditional healers for various concerns. However, there have been multiple instances of fatalities resulting from tests of these charms and medicines.

Source: Africa news

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