Nigeria: Terrorism charges filed against Muslim cleric

All those non-Muslim imams such as Pope Francis and John Kerry who have so confidently assured us that Islam is a religion of peace should make their way to Kaduna and explain to Ibrahim Zakzaky how he is misunderstanding the religion he has dedicated his life to understanding properly and teaching correctly.

“Nigeria files terrorism charges against Shia cleric,” AFP, August 1, 2021 (thanks to Henry):

Nigeria has filed fresh terrorism charges against a Shia Muslim cleric, a prosecution lawyer said Sunday, days after he was acquitted of murder following almost six years in detention.

A court in the northern city of Kaduna discharged Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife on Wednesday because of a lack of evidence in a case involving the killing of a soldier in deadly clashes between their followers and troops in December 2015.

Zakzaky has repeatedly called for an Iranian-style Islamic revolution in Nigeria — where the Muslim population is predominantly Sunni — putting him at loggerheads with the secular authorities.

Dari Bayero, prosecution lawyer for Kaduna state government, said terrorism charges were filed against Zakzaky at another court two days before his release.

“On July 26, we filed new charges against Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky before the federal high court here in Kaduna,” Bayero told AFP.

He said the charges involved “terrorism and treasonable offences” and attempts were made to serve the cleric with court papers while he was in detention but he refused to accept them.

Bayero said the court was now on holiday and the prosecution would have to wait until September before trying again.

Zakzaky, his wife Zeenah Ibrahim and 200 followers of their Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) were arrested in the 2015 crackdown in the northern city of Zaria in which hundreds were killed….

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