Nigeria: Senate passes bill proposing 10 years prison for using ‘hate speech’ to ‘stir up religious hatred’

This is a glimpse into the future, the near future, of Europe, Canada, and the U.S. The concept of “hate speech” is entirely subjective, such that prohibitions of this kind are tools in the hands of the powerful in order to silence the powerless. Leftists and Islamic groups in the U.S. insist that honest discussion of the motivating ideology behind jihad terror is “hate speech,” although there is no reason why this should be true. When this kind of law comes West, such discussion will be silenced.

“Senate passes bill proposing 10-year jail term for hate speech,” by Dachen Isaac, Ripples Nigeria, July 14, 2021 (thanks to Henry):

The Senate has passed a bill that proposes a 10-year jail term for purveyors of hate speech in the country.

The bill which was passed during plenary on Tuesday, also mandates a fine of N20 million or both to any suspect found guilty of trading hate speech….

Parts of the contentious bill reads:

“Any person who uses hate speech to stir up ethnic, religious or racial hatred, social or political, insecurity or violence, against anyone or group or person, is liable to 10 years in jail or N20 million fine or both.”…

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