NG-Cares Grant Batch 2: See Application Links And Requirements (All States)

NG CARES Grant 20221

Below is details of the NG-Cares Grant Batch 2 program.  Application Links And Requirements.

NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2

Recognizing the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on MSMEs, the NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 aims to provide much-needed financial assistance to these businesses, enabling them to navigate the ongoing economic challenges and foster sustainable recovery.

Targeted Support for MSMEs

The program specifically targets MSMEs that have been adversely affected by the pandemic, encompassing businesses across diverse sectors, including manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and agriculture. By providing financial support, the program seeks to protect employment, preserve livelihoods, and stimulate economic activity at the local level.

Three Delivery Link Indicators (DLIs) Driving Recovery

The NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 operates through three distinct Delivery Link Indicators (DLIs), each tailored to address specific needs of MSMEs:

DLI 3.1: Credit Enhancement Grants

This DLI offers financial support to distressed MSEs, providing them with access to much-needed working capital to revitalize their operations. The grant funding aims to alleviate the financial burden caused by the pandemic, enabling businesses to resume normal operations and meet their financial obligations.

DLI 3.2: Operations Grants

In recognition of the operational challenges faced by MSMEs, DLI 3.2 provides one-off grants to cover essential operational expenses such as salaries, rent, and utilities. These grants serve as a lifeline for businesses struggling to meet their day-to-day expenses, ensuring their continued existence and ability to retain employees.

DLI 3.3: IT Enhancement Grant

Recognizing the transformative potential of technology, DLI 3.3 facilitates grants for MSMEs to adopt digital technologies and integrate digital platforms. This DLI aims to enhance the digital proficiency of MSMEs, enabling them to improve their operational efficiency, expand their market reach, and enhance their competitive edge in the digital era.

Streamlined Application Process for Enhanced Accessibility

To ensure accessibility and simplify the application process, the NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 has eliminated the requirement for upfront documentation upload. The online registration form requires basic information about the business, including business name, type of business, number of employees, and annual turnover. This streamlined approach aims to reduce administrative burdens and encourage wider participation among eligible MSMEs.

Steps to Apply for NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2

  1. Access Your State’s Registration Portal: Locate the dedicated registration portal for your state using the provided links.

  2. Complete the Registration Form: Carefully fill out the online registration form, ensuring all information is accurate and up-to-date.

  3. Submit the Application: Submit the completed application form electronically.

  4. Vetting and Enumeration Stages: Successful applications will undergo a vetting process, followed by an enumeration stage for shortlisted businesses.

  5. Vetting Status Check: To check your vetting status, enter your phone number on the Plax application platform after applying.

  6. Provide Additional Information (If Applicable): If vetted, provide additional business information as requested.

  7. Notification of Approval/Non-Approval: Await notification of approval or non-approval, including the reason for non-approval if applicable.

Explore the links for your State to access the NG-CARES 2023 Registration Portals:

Abia –

Adamawa –

Akwa Ibom –

Anambra –

Bauchi –

Bayelsa –

Benue –

Borno –

Cross River –

Delta –

Ebonyi –

Edo –

Ekiti –

Enugu –


FCT – Abuja –

Gombe –

Imo –

Jigawa –

Kaduna –

Kano –

Katsina –

Kebbi –

Kogi –

Kwara –

Lagos –

Nasarawa –

Niger –

Ogun –

Ondo –

Osun –

Oyo –

Plateau –

Rivers –

Sokoto –

Taraba –

Yobe –

Zamfara –


The NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to supporting MSMEs and fostering economic recovery in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. By providing targeted financial assistance and promoting digital adoption, the program aims to empower MSMEs to navigate the challenges, rebuild their resilience, and contribute to the revitalization of Nigeria’s economy.