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Nairametrics fortifies collaboration with NGX, engages in strategic dialogue with CEO, Temi Popoola 

In a significant step towards bolstering mutual cooperation and driving forward the growth of capital market operations and financial literacy, Naijaonpoint, a distinguished financial media enterprise in Nigeria, led by its CEO, Mr. Ugo Obi-Chukwu, paid a strategic visit to the CEO of Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), on November 3, 2023. 

Receiving the delegation from Naijaonpoint, the CEO of Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), Temi Popoola commended the organization for its pivotal role in shaping the dynamics of the capital market, including its advocacy and continuous support of NGX initiatives, positioning it as a strong ally. 

In response, Mr. Obi-Chukwu expressed gratitude for NGX’s commitment to advancing the capital market and highlighted the potential for further collaborative achievements through an enhanced partnership with Naijaonpoint. 

A central focus of Naijaonpoint’ presentation was the strategic initiatives planned for 2024, which include the launch of an Investment Fair set for March 2024; the inception of an investment academy targeting talent cultivation, the introduction of an ESG ranking tailored for capital market entities, and advocacy for robust sustainability reporting within the supply chain of prominent market players. 

Mr. Popoola lauded these initiatives and expressed a keen interest in collaborating with Naijaonpoint to bring these proposals to fruition. He further emphasized the need for a joint effort aimed at enhancing market transparency, investor education, and safeguarding interests, underscoring the imperative of enlightening stakeholders and mentoring the emerging generation. 

Other participants at the meeting included Mr. Clifford Akpolo, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications NGX; Mr. Joseph Kadiri, Team Lead, Media Relations NGX, and Naijaonpoint’ leadership team comprising Mrs. Tolulope Olateju, Head of Operations, Mr. Chris Pemu, General Manager, and Mr. Uade Ahimie, Head of Strategy and Public Affairs. 

The envisaged synergistic endeavours between Naijaonpoint and NGX are structured to enrich capital market acumen, amplify financial education, and catalyze the evolution of Nigeria’s capital markets, thus reflecting a shared resolve to propel the financial sector to new heights and secure economic prosperity. 

Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) stands at the forefront of Africa’s market infrastructure, steering the continent’s largest economy towards enhanced capital market competitiveness and global prosperity. As a pivotal force in Africa’s financial markets, NGX is dedicated to charting the course of market evolution through strategic investments in innovation and technology. 

Naijaonpoint, Nigeria’s premier financial media outlet, prides itself on delivering prompt and incisive financial insights to its audience. Committed to the promotion of financial acumen, Naijaonpoint presents in-depth market analyses and demystifies intricate financial narratives to accommodate a diverse readership. 

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