‘N345m stolen in Kano Shari’a court custody’

An alleged ‘fraudulent’ withdrawal of N345m from a bank account operated in trust of inheritors by a Shari’a court in Kano by unidentified persons is being investigated by both the Kano state Shari’a court division of the state judiciary and the Kano state Public Complaints and Anti Corruption Commission.

The amount was part of money deposited with Kano branch of a commercial bank by Shari’a courts division of Kano state judiciary acting as custodians of the money in a case of inheritance before one of the Shari’a courts.

Speaking to Freedom Radio, Kano, the Chief Registrar of the state Shari’a court division, Sheikh Haruna Khalil, confirmed that they are aware of the alleged missing money.

”I can confirm to you that a committee was set up to investigate the incident and the matter is also before Kano state Public Complaints and Anti- Corruption Commission for discreet investigation,” the Chief Register stated.

Sheikh Haruna Khalil said the sum of N345m, a subject of a case of inheritance at a Shari’a court, was deposited in a commercial bank in Kano and the account to be monitored strictly by the court.

He said only N9m was the balance of the N345m in account.

A member of staff of the Shari’a courts division stated that some computers in the accounts section of the division were stolen.

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