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‘My Wife Believes Anyone Who Doesn’t Attend Her Church is A Sinner’- Man Laments

A man is soliciting expert advice from Shola Jordan Adeoye, a famed life coach, counsellor and pastor on what should dictate his next line of action after his wife decided not to attend church with him together.

In a message the unnamed man addressed to Shola, he claimed his wife has refused to join him in his own church and rather prefers to stick to the church she goes to before they got married. His full post, as shared on social media reads;

“Good Morning Pastor Shola. Got married recently but my wife has refused to join me in my church. She believed every other person not attending her church are sinners.

This matter was discussed before marriage. She agreed to join me in my church but now refused after our marriage. Both families has said she doesn’t have the right but she still refused.

Her church Pastor has also being supporting her. What should I do as I don’t want to raise children using two different doctrines. Are we not suppose to be one? Why is she dividing the home? I feel like divorcing her so she can please herself.”

See some of the comments that greeted his post;

@Babatunde Olaniyi: Sir,something is happening between your wife and her pastor,her pastor should be the one to tell her clearly that we all serve same God,so joining you at your church is a honour for her and the family,if she still love you and want the marry to last then she should rethink, but if she didn’t join you pls divorce her with immediate effect.

@Biola Abiola: U see what mere blocks that is called church is causing 🤷 and man made doctrines.when CHRIST died for us to give us direct entry n relationship to our Maker! God will deliver both of u from the bondage of religion.

@Onyema Sammy: What is it with my church, her church, their church. I’m sure that both of u don’t even pray regularly or read ur Bible. I’m sure that if one of you live a true life of christ and truly do God’s will, non of you will be fighting over church or no church. Remember, church is just a building, christ lives in us and He’s reflected on how we treat and talk to each other. Live a christlike life and people will convert to the true God, not a building and a pastor.



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