Tonto Dikeh you would recall, announced her return to acting and she told fans she starred in the movie titled ‘Beggars Children’ but apparently, she is having a hard time doing the same thing she did very conveniently and happily some years ago that earned her the fame she is enjoying now.

According to the mother of one, she no longer has the passion she used to have years ago as her heart left a long time ago and she complained bitterly about how she missed church today all because she was on set filming today.

In her words;

“I missed church because of Nollywood… Don’t understand how I let this happen… This film thing is frustrating… But am grateful to work with amazing colleagues but this life isn’t for me… I look and feel sick…
My director and producer have been so amazing to me on the set. Actually, 1 of the most professional crew and set I’ve seen in years… BUT MY PROBLEM IS MY HEART LEFT A LONG TIME AGO… It’s hard now…

Reacting to this;

@phabulousthreads_ wrote “Ahhh mana you just said the king is back! Please don’t disappear again biko. Stay strong cos I missed this your movie life.”

@davidekwonna wrote “I’m excited to see you on set again… I’m more excited that your intentions towards God is bigger than any other thing. That alone shows extreme love and maturity in our maker. God bless you king”