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‘My Fiancee Doesn’t Spend On Me At All, All He Buys For Me Are Bra & Head Tie’ – Lady Says

A Nigerian lady has boldly taken to social media to say that her fiancee doesn’t spend on her at all.

According to her, whiles her friends are receiving iPhones and other expensive gifts from the fiancees, all that he gets from her fiancee are bras and head tie.

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She made this known in a recent letter she wrote to the popular Nigerian relationship coach, Joro Olumofin.

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The letter reads;

“Hi Uncle Joro. Good afternoon. More shoes

My bf doesn’t spend on me. Is there something am not doing write? Some girls on campus their Bf buys them hairs, phones and other stuffs. My own bf buys me bra and head tie. I have so much bra and head tie I can start business with it. It is somehow, I have given him so much clue that my phone is not good he won’t get the clue. I feel like am waisting my time in the relationship.

He can never give me more than 5k, if I see 5k I know it’s him. Won’t my money increase or his love is stagnant. Have taught of doing sugar daddy but am sacred of it.
He will just be buying me new bra and postinor after we do do do

It feel like am waisting my beauty on him.
Am I wrong?”



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