Muslim students flogged publicly for drinking alcohol at birthday party [Watch Video]


Nigeria – Some Muslim students were severely flogged for attending a birthday party of their secular friend and drinking alcohol.

A viral video shows the moment some Muslim students from madrasa secondary school Kwara State, were being brutalized for allegedly drinking alcohol at a friend’s birthday party.

In the video, the students were flogged mercilessly by some senior students of the school on the order of their teachers as a form of punishment.

According to social media reports, the students got brutalized after they went to celebrate a friend’s birthday

The teachers got angry after seeing pictures from the birthday and assumed that the students drank alcohol, so the instructed the senior students to flog them.

The students maintained that they only had yoghurt, but the teachers never listened to them or believed them.

The students later showed the injuries they sustained from the flogging and this has caused serious outrage on the internet.

Watch the video

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