Mourniho Gave Lampard Some Advice

Jose Mourinho had his ups and downs with Frank Lampard in the Carabao Cup match-up. The benches were full of tension in the clash which was finally won by Spurs and the two old friends shook hands after the final whistle.

The Tottenham-Chelsea game on Tuesday produced one of the images of the season so far: Mourinho getting in Lampard’s face and, as he said afterwards in the press conference, giving advice to the young coach.

“All I did was give him my opinion. My opinion as a coach of a certain age for such a talented young guy was that the players need us to be there (on the touchline) when they are losing. When they win, we don’t have to be the stars on the sidelines,” said the Portuguese.

Spurs finally secured victory in a penalty shootout, after the scores were level at 1-1 after the end of normal time. The biggest clash was between Mourinho and one of Lampard’s assistants after Chelsea went 1-0 up.

“They need us to be there when they are losing and in the last game, when they were losing 3-0, I felt bad because I noticed him sad and silent in his seat. He knows about football and is a fantastic coach. It’s just an opinion: stand on the sidelines when your team is losing and relax when they are winning,” concluded Mourinho.

Although the man from Portugal did underline his huge amount of respect for Frank Lampard: “With Frank, it’s my feelings for him that are important and not what I tell you. I will always feel indebted to him for everything he did for me. He gave me everything as a player and I will never forget it. I will always feel grateful to him for the great player, friend and professional he was”.

Lampard, despite the defeat, took the comments lightly, “We had a good time on the sidelines. I get on well with Jose and I’ll think about what he said to me. I told him that he seemed to talk more to the referee than to the players. I respect Jose a lot even though we argue with each other on the sidelines,” he concluded.

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