‘Military Has Never Made Mistake Bombing in Southern, Eastern Parts of Nigeria’ – Islamic Cleric

Islamic Cleric has claimed that the military has never made a mistake in bombing in the Southern and Eastern parts of Nigeria.


NaijaOnPoint Nigeria reports that a popular Islamic scholar from Sokoto State, Muhammad Bello Yabo, has voiced concern over the recent bombing in Tudun Biri village, Kaduna State, during Maulud celebrations, emphasizing the suffering in the northern region.

The scholar noted that such mistaken bombings frequently occur in the North, with no similar incidents reported in the Southern region of Nigeria.



His comments on the military’s bombing of Maulud celebrants were shared in a video clip posted on social media.


He said, “It was not the first time the bombs were dropped on innocent people by security agencies, and they will claim it was a mistake. They once targeted IDPs in Borno. Same in Yobe, they also dropped a bomb in Nasarawa, and now it happened in Kaduna.


“Till date, the military has not made any error bombing in Southern or eastern parts of this country. It always happens in the north because of our lack of unity.


“North is bleeding, bandits kill us, hunger kills us, and the military that are supposed to protect us are also killing us. This is too much for us. Who do we report to if not Allah, and we are telling him to have mercy on us and protect us.”


Shaikh Yabo also claimed that the killings persisted because the northern leaders were not united due to interests.


He further described the continuous detention of Kaduna-based publisher Tukur Mamu by the Nigerian government as a complete injustice.


The scholar said Mamu’s offence was simply for negotiating between the terrorists and families of abducted Kaduna-Abuja train passengers last year.


Shaikh Yabo said the atrocities committed by Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Igboho, against the Fulanis in the Southern part of the country were more serious than what Mamu was accused of, but Igboho was released from detention after his arrest in Benin Republic.


He further stated, “His Yoruba kinsmen intervened on his behalf, and he was later released. If it was a northerner that did what Sunday Igboho did, his northern kinsmen would have been the ones calling for his death by sacrificing him. Today, where is our brother Tukur Mamu? His only offense was to intervene between the terrorists and the victims’ families.


“He was not the only person doing the same because even the security agencies are involved in playing an intermediary role. Today, they tagged him a terrorist for playing an intermediary role between the terrorists and the victims’ family.


“Till date, he is in detention, and we have not heard any northern figure talking about Tukur Mamu. Everybody knows that Mamu’s continuous detention is pure injustice. We know Tukur Mamu better than you because he is our brother.”

He urged Northerners to always unite and stop envying each other, begging the military to do everything to reduce the killings of innocent lives in the North.