Microsoft Phone Link may support Android phone as webcam

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Microsoft Phone Link is about to get even more powerful. It will soon let users connect the phone’s camera to a webcam on a computer. The Redmond-based tech giant has been building a Phone Link tool to ease the process of connecting Windows and Android. The new webcam feature like seems a logical next step for Phone Link. Moreover, it brings Microsoft one step closer to the seamless ecosystem that Apple has built with its Continuity Camera feature.

Microsoft could let users use Android phones as a webcam

Folks at Android Authority performed an APK teardown of Microsoft’s Phone Link app (v1.23102.190.0). The code inspection reveals clues about upcoming features that hint at using the phone’s camera as a webcam on Windows. This also aligns with Android 14’s ability to use the phone as a webcam. While this information was gleaned from the code itself, it’s crucial to note that it might not make it to the final release. However, we hope that it does land.

That’s not all, it may have a bunch of video effects too

New code strings discovered within Phone Link hint at exciting potential features. These include a range of video effects like HDR, filters, and stabilization, suggesting the app could soon offer built-in video calling capabilities. The presence of “auto-framing” as a camera effect further boosts this speculation. It could potentially offer a feature similar to Apple’s Centre Stage, where the camera automatically adjusts to keep the user in focus even when moving.

Furthermore, new error messages related to overheating and camera service failures add fuel to the fire. These indicate Phone Link might be prepping up for more intensive tasks like video calls. Currently, the app primarily focuses on mirroring phone apps on the computer. However, the latest updates could position it as a direct competitor to Apple’s Continuity Camera, which enables iPhone users to use their devices as cameras and microphones for FaceTime and more.