Merkel says ‘we have been able to defeat terrorism’ as intel chief says 2,000 potential jihadis are in Germany

The ruling elites know they can lie like dogs and never, ever be held accountable.

“‘Terrorism defeated?’ Merkel says ‘not all goals’ reached after 9/11 as intel head warns of 2,000 dangerous extremists in Germany,” RT, September 12, 2021:

The US and its allies have failed to achieve all their goals after 9/11 but did “defeat terrorism,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said as her own intelligence warned about thousands of Islamists in the country.

“We have now had to recognize that although we have been able to defeat terrorism, which is endangering our security, at the present time we have not achieved all our goals,” Merkel said on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The chancellor then suggested focusing on safeguarding those few accomplishments, including education for girls in Afghanistan while admitting “this will not be easy with the Taliban” in power. Merkel also said that bringing people in need of protection to Germany should be one of the nation’s top priorities since that was something Berlin felt it had “a moral obligation to do.”…

Germany’s domestic intelligence has classified some 2,000 Islamists living in the country as “particularly dangerous,” the BfV head, Thomas Haldenwang, told Tagesspeiegel daily in an interview published earlier on Saturday.

“These are all that we, as an intelligence service, believe could be potentially engaged in terrorist activities up to committing [terrorist] attacks,” Haldenwang said.

Germany’s Federal Criminal Police reported 551 existing Islamist ‘threats’ and 536 people that could potentially be supporters of terrorists, according to the German media. Haldenwang explained that his agency’s number is higher since some of the persons on the list have no prior criminal records and are thus likely unknown to the criminal police.

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan could be used by such extremist groups to launch a “propaganda offensive” and start a recruitment drive, Haldenwang warns, adding that this development could be portrayed as a victory for Islamists all over the world….

No kidding, really?

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