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Men: You May Not Be Able to Have Children, If You Do These 3 Things Excessively

Last updated on January 25, 2021

Do you know that there are certain things that naturally reduces the fertility of any man? No matter how fertile your lineage is, if you as a man start engaging in certain activities regularly the resultant situation is infertility or difficulty having children.

In this article, we are going to have a look at certain things you should not do in excess if you have plans to make children with your partner. This article is mainly for the married men and also for the ladies who might be experiencing issues having children but not sure of where the problem is coming from.

Check Out the Three (3) Things You Should Not Do Excessively as A Man;

1. Smoking Cigarettes: if you are married and probably having issues with getting your wife pregnant, then I suggest you abstain from smoking. According to research, excess smoking has been noted to be the reason for lower sperm count and if you really care about having children, abstain totally from it.

2. Drinking Alcohol: this is another habit very common amongst men. Drinking alcohol excessively lowers a man’s sperm count and if you are here finding it difficult to make your wife conceive but still drinking alcohol excessively, then I suggest you stop drinking alcohol entirely for some months and see whether there won’t be changes. If you make your physical body unable to conceive, I don’t think there’s any amount of copulation that can help you to conceive.

3. Constantly Overheating Your Testicles; I know you might be wondering what I mean by overheating your testicles, so let me break it down. If you work in a cyber cafe and all you do from morning to night involves working with the laptop and unfortunately for you, the laptop you use in working is sitted on your laps, then be sure you are overheating your testicles. This has been neglected by many but it actually affects the testicles because the heat coming from the system will supply hotness to the testicles; and this is something totally inappropriate for them.

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That’s all for now lovely readers! I believe a word is enough for the wise! Follow the handle and also share this article to your friends for more updates. Thanks.

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