Meet The Most Trending BBNaija Housemates; Who Is Trending On BBNaija?

We are in the second week of the Big Brother Naija Season 6 competition, and so far, it has been amazing. As some fans are gradually selecting their favorite housemates, others are also busily fishing out who to hate; all that makes the competition an adventurous one.

Even though this season is not too old in terms of duration, some housemates have managed to become topics for discussion on social media platforms for some time now. For many reasons, they’ve been able to keep their names in the mouth of netizens and viewers of the show.

Meet the Most trending housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 6.


big brother naija – maria

Her beauty stands out as the first criterion to make her a trendy topic. Maria was the first ‘approved’ female housemate of many fans and viewers of this season’s competition, as those who came before her were not appreciated by fans in terms of looks. Maria’s gained more popularity when she was revealed as the wildcard. People applauded her for her composure and performance in the house, which involves her completely disguising herself to throw her fellow housemates off the grid. Her involvement with Pere has also made her popular. Most viewers compare their bond to Season 5’s Kiddwaya and Erica. She’s currently topping the trends on several blogs for openly rejecting Pere’s proposal.


Angel BBNaija Season 6

A lady with several tattoos and a nice physique will surely catch the attention of many people. Angel has done well to cement her name in the house for some time now. After telling some part of her life story to the house, people started noticing her very well. According to her, her mother had her when she was just 16 years old.

Angel becoming one of the most trending housemates can heavily be attributed to her role in the truth or dare games. She excelled extraordinarily in the game and made sure it became something to talk about. On that night she kissed Saga passionately and held Pere’s manhood.  Videos of the incident have been circulating on the internet since then. Her ‘supposed’ relationship with Sammie is also something people are making a discussion out of.



The chef of the house! The proud Igbo man in the competition. Whitemoney became one of the first trending housemates just a few days into the competition when he displayed his cooking skills. This made him get instant love from the audience. He is easily the favorite male housemate in the competition so far. His role in the house drama also placed him at the top of trending housemates in the competition. He was applauded and praised for his undiluted performance. However, the wildcard-saga is somehow making him became less famous due to his take on it.

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