McAfee utilizes the power of AI to keep you safe online

McAfee has decided to dig even deeper into the possibilities of AI in order to keep you safe online. The company has announced some new tools that will do just that.

McAfee uses the power of AI for its new tools, to keep you safe online

These tools are a part of the latest version of McAfee+, the company’s top-end antivirus suite. McAfee refers to the main new features as “next-gen Threat Protection”. That is an AI-powered security feature that is even better at protecting users.

McAfee claims that this feature takes up 75% less background processes, and yet provides 3x faster scans. Mainly thanks to AI. McAfee says that it protects you against “zero-day threats”, as well as the ones that are not even there yet.

Another detail that McAfee noted is that this feature is compatible with both Intel and AMD processors. So regardless of what chip your computer is running, you’ll be good to go.

‘Scam Protection’ is also included in the package

The second feature that McAfee mentioned is called ‘Scam Protection’. The service can detect suspicious URLs in texts before you even open them. McAfee says that this can prevent phishing scams.

The company added: “We are living in unprecedented times. Consumers are navigating a world where advanced AI has exponentially increased the volume and sophistication of scams, making real-time threat and scam protection more important than ever”.

Needless to say, that’s true. Phishing scams have been all over the place, and that’s only one form of threat that we’re facing on a daily basis. It’s obvious that McAfee sees AI as a great weapon for fighting such threats.

McAfee+ subscription is discounted as we speak

The company’s security suite offers various other features, such as Online Account Cleanup, Social Privacy Manager, and McAfee Assist – Protection Setup (in case you need help from McAfee experts). McAfee+ is not free, not even close, but it goes a long way to keep you safe. You can actually grab a one-year subscription at a discount now for $89.99 (down from $110).