“May we never become victims of miscommunication” – Khloe calls out podcast crew for setting her up for drags

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Koko by Khloe, a BBNaija reality star, has called out the producers of a podcast after a recent episode in which she condemned natural hair and discussed her BBL and other issues.

Khloe addressed some issues on the Bahd and Boujee podcast show hosted by Moet Abebe and Tolanibaj.

Khloe has accused the podcast’s organisers of setting her up after a series of backlash over her opinions on men and money, her BBL, natural hair, and other topics.

She wrote in a lengthy Instagram message:

“May we never become victims of miscommunication… The media and those who control the narrative are truly not to be trusted.

In the course of last month (November), I had a podcast interview, and i thought we had a pleasant conversation. I apologize if certain thing were taken out of context, but I promise you half of the narratives and cut and join clips flying around are maliciously being used as clickbait by the producers of the said podcast, and I refuse to be bullied or silenced into submission.

Maybe I didn’t articulate or communicate certain things correctly, but that’s 100% for sure not how the conversation went or the intended meaning. Blogs often post a doctored and overly exaggerated parts for that who don’t watch the full show for clickbait which is image denting.

I’m used to my name being dragged through the mud at any slight inconvenience, but it’s not the main issue here.
Everything about that show was edited, and manipulated for the self aggrandizement and malicious intent of the publishers and major for clicks, views and perhaps monetization and to marr/ tarnish my image, which I will never understand why.

I don’t involve myself in petty conversations, and that’s why I always ensure to keep my circle small.
I explicitly told the hosts and producers not to share the video immediately after shooting, as I realized they were intentionally looking to create controversial content around me, because there was a miscommunication with one of the hosts who couldn’t handle criticism/ feedback, there resulting in a heated argument and this disastrous outcome.

After expressing my desire to no longer be involved in their shenanigans , I immediately on the same day of shooting messaged the lady who invited me to the show (who I honored her invitation after numerous requests, because I thought I had a relationship with based on the entertainment industry) , and she completely disregarded my request for the said episode to not be edited, or published.🙏🏽”

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