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Man Snatches Bone Straight Hair And Slippers From His Girlfriend After Seeing Her With Another Man [Video]

We have chanced on a viral video that has a man disgracing his girlfriend after he saw her hanging out with another man in a restaurant.

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Most men turn to react in anger when they see their spouse with different people. They barely listen to the explanation one has to give and take the necessary action that suits them.

In the video, the man was seen confronting his girlfriend as to shat she was doing with another man in a public place.

After listening to the lousy excuse the lady has to give, the man went ahead to snatch the bone straight hair he bought for her as well as the slippers she wore.

However, the other man left the scene to save himself from the embarrassment without helping the lady out. It seems the lady was trying to play a double game here but unfortunately was caught in the action.

This should serve as an advice to every lady out there trying to pull a fast one on men.

Watch the video below:



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