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Man Captured A Gigantic Pregnant Huntsman Spider On A Set Of Traffic Lights

Australia’s huntsman spiders remain the creature of myths and nightmares, but of course, they tend to hold an exciting place in the pantheon of Australian wildlife. When one catches your eye or perhaps sneaks up on your kitchen walls, don’t squish it to its death but instead do share it with the world, just as Joel Hogan did. 

Recently, internet users’ hearts were left racing after a photo of a gigantic pregnant huntsman surfaced online. Tradesman Joel took snaps of the huntsman amid working on a set of traffic lights in Alice Spring in the Northern Territory. 

Tradesman Joel Hogan shares snaps of a pregnant huntsman spotted amid working on a traffic light set in Alice Springs.

Joel Hogan/Facebook

The spider, who appears bloated, clung to the traffic light’s wiring as it’s suspected to be holding her egg sac underneath her body to protect the unborn. The spider is identified as a Badge Huntsman by Lizzy Lowe, an arachnologist at Macquarie University. This Huntsmans species are best at entering cards and houses but mostly prefers to live inside logs, under rocks, and even under loose bark on trees.

Also, the Badge spiders bite and leave their victim with swelling, nausea, and sweating.  However, hundreds of people on Facebook have reacted to the image after it was uploaded. Some people responded to the creature’s enormous size, while a few recognized it as a Golden Giant. ‘If you tried to hit that spider with a newspaper, it would probably grab it and hit you back.’ A user commented.

The spider, who appears bloated, had clung to the traffic light’s wiring as it’s suspected to be holding her egg sac underneath her body to protect the unborn

Joel Hogan/Facebook

Another said: ‘Looks like everyone is crashing today. Screw the lights.’ A third joked: ‘You could saddle that and ride it in the cup.’ As other others suggested, a user opined the spider was a huntsman and not a Goliath bird-eating tarantula. Another opined that the spider was a Golden Giant, one of the largest species found in Northern Australia’s coastal forests.

Nonetheless, the Goliath bird eaters are recognized as a species of spider that originates in South America. They’ve been known for eating birds who get mistakenly get themselves caught up in the spiders’ web.

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