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Man Arrested in Germany for Undocumented 6-Year Residence in Europe

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A foreign citizen who had been moving around Europe for at least six years without a residence permit was caught by the German police in Lindau.

The police said that on February 26, during a check on a train, a 37-year-old man was detected trying to enter Germany illegally from Austria, reports.

According to, the man’s passport was valid, but without a residence permit. The police also stated that since 2017, it is suspected that the man had continuously stayed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands without documentation.

As the country’s police explain, the person in question was supposed to be deported from Germany in 2019, but he went into hiding.

The same also added that two years ago, the man, who is from the continent of Asia, though his nationality has not ben revealed, was caught doing undeclared work in Austria and was identified with someone else’s residence permit.

In 2021, he was also vaccinated against COVID-19 in Germany without a residence permit.

In addition, the 37-year-old allegedly also had a Greek residence permit, which had expired on the meantime.

In October last year, German investigators arrested several suspected smugglers during a raid in the western state of Rhine-Westphalia. Meanwhile, after the warrant was issued on the eve of the operation on October 20, two men and a woman were arrested.

At the same time, during the checks, about 12 apartments and offices were raided in Cologne, Gelsenkirchen and Limburg, which also belonged to the 11 suspects.

These 11 suspects are believed to be mainly from Syria. They have also helped foreign nationals to Germany using irregular migration tools, issuing illegal identity cards to those who wanted to migrate to this country.

In December 2022, Germany, together with Switzerland, decided to expand their cooperation in the fight against irregular migration.

In this regard, the Federal Department of Justice and Police of Switzerland noted that both countries intend to fight cross-border smuggling and carry out returns regularly.

According to Swiss Federal Counselor Karin Keller-Sutterha, irregular migration cannot be fought effectively on its own, so international coordination and agreement between neighbours are essential.

Germany’s Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, also said that her country wants to open its borders with Switzerland for the free movement of German citizens and for trade, adding that the German-Swiss border region has always had close ties both economically and culturally.