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Mali: Muslims murder four UN peacekeepers sent to ‘combat radical Islamification’

Wait a minute. The UN is sending peacekeepers to “implement a 2015 peace agreement to combat radical Islamification”? But the establishment media, which still expects us to take the UN seriously in all its hypocrisy and inconsistency, insists that declaring oneself against Islamization in the West is “racism” and “bigotry,” not to mention “Islamophobia.” So how is it that what is beyond the pale of acceptable discourse in the United States is not only acceptable in Mali, but even the subject of UN action?

Anyway, the jihadis are playing a long game. They know that if they continue attacks of this kind, the peacekeepers will eventually go away, and the jihad will advance unimpeded.

“Four UN Peacekeepers Killed in Mali,” International Christian Concern, April 4, 2021:

04/04/2021 Mali (International Christian Concern) – Four peacekeepers were killed by suspected Jihadists on Friday in the Kidal region of northeast Mali, reports UN News.

“Peacekeepers valiantly repelled a complex attack carried out by several heavily armed terrorists,” MINUSMA said in a statement, written in French.

Nineteen additional peacekeepers were reportedly injured in the assault, while several insurgents lost their lives.

The fallen peacekeepers were from Chad and were working in Mali to stabilize the region and implement a 2015 peace agreement to combat radical Islamification….

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