Love Changes All


Once someone knows and appreciates what true love is, their whole approach to life, self and others changes. Love changes all!

It is often frustrating seeing the emphasis various people place on being superior to others or continually trying to better others, all for their own personal self gain. It is time that these people stopped thinking that because they had good breaks in life that they are somehow owed something special in addition to what others have received on life’s journey who were not as fortunate.

They may have studied for many years. They may have spent all those extra long hours at work: day after day, week after week, year after year – investing in the future. They may have sacrificed all those family hours for their career and a considerable income. But in all reality – so what!?

I too did once happily justify all those extra hours at uni, at work and away from family. I too eventually saw reality and the realization that the golden earthly rewards were really an illusion.

What really counts are the relationships of love. Love for self, family and for all others within our world.

I realize that certain people will see these claims as a ‘pie in the sky’ philosophy. It certainly did for me – once.

How often do you hear from those who have stared death down in the face, or those who complete a total life-change, that all the money in the world, the greatest job in the world, the greatest lifestyle in the world…. all mean relatively nothing compared to those loving relationships that count in that person’s life – i.e the greatest family and friends in the world!!!

Unfortunately, many people, either consciously or unconsciously, see ‘friendships’ as a business proposition. I believe that you cannot buy loving family and friends. If it appears that you can ‘buy’ friends then unfortunately these are not really true friends for the right reason – these are the people who usually expect to gain something from the friendship. These people see it as an investment, which will reap rewards for them in the future.

I have discovered that once you reach this happy disposition it becomes easier to add the next layers of relationships to themix – the community in which you live, and the world in which you are an integral member.

Once I had a sports car which I thought was the greatest feat of engineering possible – and it was close to that level. After driving it for a few weeks and getting over that initial ‘love-affair’ with an inanimate object, I began to wish that all people could drive such a car. I did not want to be the only one with such an opportunity. I wanted to share the experience. I did not want to be so special and to feel good about myself because of something I had and that others did not have.

Being aware of the ‘istics’ is part of the journey. This was when I realized that I had matured. That love is about sharing with others. That I did not need to be so materialistic and individualist, and all those others ‘istics’, which I originally was!

This is the start of an extremely freeing experience:
• the desire to share with others
• not being something, due to someone else not being that something
• everyone’s right to each have love in its truest sense in their particular circumstance – in its loving reality.

Love changes all! People need to appreciate what love truly is – people and relationships take priority. The ‘istics’ have no significance in a truly loving world!

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