LG's newest gaming monitors both have 45-inch 200Hz displays

LG has announced two new gaming monitors being added to its UltraGear lineup – the GR65DC and GR75DC – and both offer 45-inch ultra-wide displays with a 200Hz refresh rate. LG’s UltraGear line tends to be a favorite among gamers compared to other monitors, and the newest monitors aren’t expected to be any different in that regard.

Of course, there are some new key features that differentiate these from past models in the UltraGear line. The LG UltraGear GR75DC and GR65DC both have a built-in picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture features to increase multi-tasking capabilities. With either of these enabled you can do two things at once. Say you want to play a game but also want to have something to watch at the same time. Turn on the PBP and you can watch something on your favorite streaming service while you game.

This is great for playing casual games that don’t require too much extra attention. I use it a lot when gathering materials for my crafting classes in Final Fantasy XIV for example. Plus it works out great for those that like to stream their gameplay. As they can have a discord chat on one side and the game on the other.

The LG UltraGear GR75DC is only available for pre-order

LG UltraGear GR75DC 1LG UltraGear GR75DC 1

Both monitors are technically launching today but only one is available right away – the GR65DC. If you want the GR75DC you can still pre-order it starting today. But it isn’t planned to ship until the week of November 20. Luckily that’s only a little over a week away.

LG is also adding a little extra incentive for those that pre-order early. If you pre-order between now and November 19 (LG’s website only) you’ll get a free UltraGear GP9 gaming speaker. If you’re asking yourself which monitor you should go with, know that the GR75DC and GR65DC are pretty similar. Albeit the GR75DC comes with USB-C compatibility for data transmission and power delivery for connected devices whereas the GR65DC does not.