Lenovo now has clothing products for its tablet, believe it or not

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Collaborations with the fashion industry are pretty common in the consumer electronics space, with companies trying to create buzz for their products. However, sometimes these collaborations go a bit too far. In an odd move, Lenovo decided to launch a clothing line specifically tailored to accommodate its new 14.5-inch Tab Extreme tablet.

How did the fashion line come to be?

It all started when Lenovo challenged three clothing brands—RANRA, Kit Wan Studios, and Maium—to design clothing with built-in compartments for its tablets. Part of the company’s marketing campaign, the clothing line aims to extend a user’s “me time” beyond their homes, enabling them to take their devices wherever they go.

Although carrying a 14-inch tablet in your jacket may not have crossed your mind, Lenovo says it could be super useful in certain situations outdoors, where while waiting for transport, one could simply unzip the jacket, take out the tablet, and get some work done. Furthermore, the company also referred to its 2022 study, showing that individuals who choose tablets as their main computing device also have a strong inclination towards fashion.

What does the clothing look like?

RANRA, based in London, designed the most conventional clothing, featuring a large central pouch with a hidden neck strap for hands-free usage. Additionally, it also includes an oversized hood design to reduce ambient noise and a hidden shoulder bag.

On the other hand, Maium’s pink jacket, while attention-grabbing, is suitable for all weather conditions, covering both arms and legs. However, what sets this jacket apart is its ability to inflate into a padded blanket or even a hammock.

Lastly, Kit Wan Studios, based in Hong Kong, took a more cyberpunk approach with a tactical vest featuring a modular clip-on system.

“From a noise-cancelling hoodie to an inflatable hammock and a techno-armour exoskeleton, these are more than just clothes: they’re a new way of life – one which incorporates entertainment through integrated harnesses, allowing you to carry and watch, play, listen and maximize me-time…wherever you are,” says Lenovo.