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Lecturers don’t go on strike for frivolous reasons – Ex-ASUU chair

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The consistency of strikes in the educational sector has been described as one of the factors keeping Nigerian universities alive.

The former chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, Lagos State University, Ojo Olorunleke, said without a strike, nothing would be of the universities, adding that “ASUU does not go on strike on frivolous excuses.”

Speaking in an interview with on Thursday, he disagreed with criticisms trailing every strike the union had embarked upon, adding that such strikes had been the livewire for the sustainability of Nigerian universities.

Olorunleke said, “It is ASUU and the consistency of strikes that have kept Nigerian universities alive. Without the strikes, nothing would be of the universities.

“ASUU does not go on strike on frivolous excuses; they go on strike on principles and many people do not even read our constitution.”

He added, “When you look at the constitution, you will see that it empowers Nigerians to dictate the type of government they want. That government is being determined by Nigerians, it is not the government; it is Nigerians who have the right to bring the government.

“We know that the government has enormous powers; the people have power too because of the democratisation of the function of governance and the arbitration of the principle of equity and justice.”