“King Solomon dei learn from this man” – Outrage as 70yrs old, Francis Van-Lare shares photos of ladies he allegedly slept with

franscis ladies

Francis Van-Lare, a 70-year-old Nigerian-American entrepreneur, has kept his promise to share photos of some of the women he claims to have been intimate with.

Recall GISTLOVER previously published a report in which businessman Francis Van-Lare revealed the identities of 219 women with whom he had coitus exercised since 1970.

Keeping true to his statements, he compiled a detailed list of women’s names from various ethnic backgrounds, which he revealed in three batches.

Only a few hours ago, Francis released photos of himself with women he claims to have had intimate relations with, eliciting a wide range of reactions.

He mentioned that more photos are on the way.

See the reactions below.

@_Purple057: I don see my friend mother for there o 🙆‍♀️

@Oladapomikky1: I’m sorry to say even King Solomon dei learn from this man.😂😂😂.

@KinqKudos: If your babe is here, you have failed as a man.

@KinqKudos: This man don already spoil many relationships.

@maaziossy: He lives in Atlanta, has lots of money, frequents Nigeria alot, loves young ladies, and is known on Facebook to be “randy”. We are Facebook friends and we know how he rolls. He’s often not ashamed of his lifestyle…Man is a something else. Lol.

golddesire_oma: One of this ladies on her birthday post to him said it was a business lunch that the man speak how to invest and a serious minded man and he is not like what he put out there on the media but omo this one come shock me ooooo.

arinola_pearls: This is disgusting.

@Irunnia_: This man wasn’t joking 😂😂.