Kess is a Scam, He Married me for money-Angel Blows Hot on Husband(video)


In a video, Kess’ ex-housemate from BBNaija 2022, Angel, reveals that her husband’s marriage was nothing more than a con.

Kess’s wife, who had previously accused her husband of having an extramarital affair with his coworker Christy O, a former BBNaija housemate, claimed she has also denounced him to the EFCC and the US Embassy.

According to her, Kess married her for American visa and money.

She said, “Kess has an addiction for women. I didn’t know he auditioned for #BBNaija; when I eventually found out, he refused to show me the audition video.

“When he got out of the show, he was angry with me that I made him lose out, that he could have won the show.

“He didn’t care that our baby died, he said the marriage was over.

“The EFCC has been notified, the US embassy lawyer has also put a red flag on Kess’s name, so that even if he applied for a visa, he can never step foot into the United States of America again.

“On october 1, I was with the US embassy lawyer and the commander of police, they helped me with my case and I will have to come back to Nigeria to start the process because I have requested for the 45,000 dollars which I spent on Kess to be reimbursed because it was a scam of a marriage.

 “I spent 45,000 dollars on this man; Kess would call me and say baby I’m broke and I’ll send him money to his UBA account, he kept transferring money to Christy O.

“I pay his mother’s rent, pays his sister schoo fees, I did everything for him. The N1.5m I took from his account, I put it there.

“I got a house for us here for his arrival, I pay 3500 dollars a month, he said he wants a range rover, I got it for him,” she said in a video on her Instagram page.