Jay Boogie bounces back, seen glowing and showing off what his doctor gave him days after crying for help

jay boogie

As he flaunts his new body, Daniel Nsikan, also known as Jay Boogie, has opened up about the drama surrounding his BBL surgery.

The socialite is resetting the record after causing a stir on social media in order to raise funds and claim issues related to cosmetic surgery.

Remember how rumours circulated that Jay Boogie had lied to Nigerians, implying that he had exaggerated his health?

Jay Boogie, who appears to be in good health, was recently seen in an interview with the well-known skit creator Egungun. He used the occasion to sincerely apologise to the Nigerian people.

Jay Boogie went above and beyond to beg forgiveness from kind Nigerians, expressing his profound repentance.

The transgender model stated that he was only alive because of their help and that he did not participate in any scams.

Jay Boogie expressed his gratitude for the contributions and sincerely prayed to God to reward the kind people who assisted him.

He also revealed that he spent N5 million on his newly acquired body, and that he developed breasts as a result of the hormonal medications he was taking.

His own words;

“Let me kneel and apologize. Nigerians I’m sorry, I never scammed or defrauded Nigerians, it was all fake news. I can’t go around in circles, I just wanted to get well and come out and clear my name and I’m sorry if anyone felt that way, I’m not that kind of person.

“If not for you guys I won’t be alive today. Thank you so much for the donations and may the good Lord bless you.”