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James Comey: ‘Far-right extremism’ is ‘bigger threat to the US than Islamist terrorism’

Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioted in cities all over the country, and “far-right extremists” did nothing comparable last summer, but Comey is not engaged in the activity of telling the truth here; he is, rather, furthering a narrative that Leftists in the U.S. are pushing as they exploit the Capitol riot as their Reichstag Fire moment to silence all opposition to their agenda.

“James Comey: Far-right extremism threatens the US more than Islamist terrorism,” by Sam Sholli, LBC, January 14, 2021:

This is the moment former FBI Director James Comey told Iain Dale that far-right extremism is a bigger threat to the US than Islamist terrorism….

LBC’s Iain Dale asked the ex-FBI Director: “Do you think far-right extremism in the US is a greater danger to the country than Islamist terrorism?”

Mr Comey said it was and added: “The threat has slowly risen as Donald Trump and those around him have withdrawn the control rods.

“America has always had a radioactive stew of racist conspiracy-minded misogynist people oriented towards violence. We’ve always had that in this country.

“But we’ve managed over generations to contain it inside a containment building as you would with a nuclear waste pile and put control rods down into it which we’re cultural.

“And that calmed the radiation. And over the last five years Donald Trump and those around him have pulled the rods out with signals and dog whistles and sometimes explicitly…”

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